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Which "Old School" Mistakes Push Away The MOST CEO Clients?

I help overworked B2B advisors take back time and propel predictable, repeatable, and scalable growth. 

Who We Work With

Network-oriented B2B advisors who have significant expertise in any of these professions:

Business Appraisers
Business Brokers
Business CPAs
Business & Estate Attorneys
Commercial Bankers
Executive Coaches
Exit Planners
Financial Planners
Growth Consultants
HR/Recruitment Consultants
Insurance Agents
Investment Bankers
Management Consultants
Operations Consultants
Private Capital
Sales & Marketing Consultants
Strategy Consultants
Technology Consultants
Wealth Managers

Each Network Helps Businesses Overcome Nearly 200 Challenges in These Categories.

  1. Financial
  2. Legal
  3. Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Operations
  6. Recruitment (HR)
  7. Sales
  8. Strategy
  9. Taxes
  10. Technology

The “Other” Challenges

Even though advisors help clients overcome challenges, many struggle to overcome some of their own:

đź‘ŽLosing market share to better-positioned competitors.
đź‘ŽConfused about where to find better prospects faster.
đź‘ŽOverwhelmed and overworked from handling trivial tasks.
đź‘ŽTrading time for money and not earning their true worth.
đź‘ŽUnable to focus on projects that grow value and profit.
đź‘ŽRegularly pulled between the demands of work and life.

Attention Business Advisors

Within 30 Days COVID Caused 3 Seismic Changes

  1. Reversed 12 years of increasing business valuation multiples.
  2. Erased 15 years of workplace behavior.
  3. Disrupted decades of established business development practices.

And Simultaneously Created 3 HUGE Opportunities 

  1. Business owners are paying closer attention than ever before.
  2. Business owners are looking online for answers.
  3. Business owners are focused on learning, growing, and changing.

But Despite These Unprecedented Opportunities...

YOUR business may still be doomed without you even realizing it. Especially if you're operating from The “Old School” Mindset... the outdated way of thinking about digital transformation and how you fit into it.

Unfortunately, many old-school advisors are NON-STOP busier than ever right now believing things like "the harder I work" which can actually cause them to fail. So if outdated beliefs are keeping you chained to your desk making the mistakes others are making, it’s probably because of what you learned from your upbringing.

But that's okay! It's all you knew... UNTIL NOW!

So Here's the New Reality: If your business development process doesn’t become more digital, you simply won’t be able to compete in today's market. Not to mention that the trends working against you right now are accelerating at a faster than ever pace.

That's why transitioning now from an old school advisor  to a digital advisor has never been more urgent because business owners realize that having access to more information helps them make better, faster, and even bigger decisions. And whether you accept it or not, traditional business advisors are fading fast as the gatekeepers of information. In fact, research shows 75% of business owners are now getting their information from somewhere else.

As a digital advisor, a streamlined funnel can deliver more timely information to leads, prospects and customers, plus offload everything else except the all-important human interactions that you absolutely must be part of. 

It also helps you avoid the most common old school business development mistakes pertaining to your:

âť—Business Model
âť—Content Strategy
âť—Lead Generation 
âť—Sales Cycle
âť—Performance Metrics

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đź‘ŤOffloading of workflows that don’t require human effort.
đź‘ŤReclaimed time to increase personal impact and income.
đź‘ŤNarrower focus on scalable activities that drive growth.
đź‘ŤConsistently more inspired and present at work and life.

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